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Thessalonica In 51 AD

A reconstruction of the Greek city in its New Testament days.


Progress Halted May, 2006 (More Info)

Recently Posted:

Layout 12-04-05

Scale Model (In Progress) 10-24-05
Historical Summary 10-14-05
Revised History Index 10-14-05
Revised Geography Index 10-24-05

Currently In Progress: (as of 10-14-05)
History Articles Three through Seven
Geography Articles One through Seven
City WaterWorks
Health Factors
Household Living
(The rest, right now, is piles and piles of notes!)

Still badly in need of:
A translator who's faster than I am with modern greek
Volunteer fact-checkers, amateur and/or professional
Amateur and professional Historians to critique these posts
A research assistant to properly document the evidence I have for my conclusions
Original Maps or Permission to use Maps on this site
A couple of years paid vacation to really finish this project!!!

More Updates Planned for After 2008!