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Thessalonica In 51 AD

A reconstruction of the Greek city in its New Testament days.


Timeline of Thessalonica: 316 BC to 50 AD

Hellenistic Thessalonica
316 BC Thessalonica (Θ) founded by Cassander
286 BC Antigonus (II) Gonatas King (of Macedonia)
239 BC Demetrius II King
229 BC Antigonus (III) Doson Regent (for the young Philip V)
221 BC Philip V King
~200 BC Θ Sanctuary to the Egyptian gods, Sarapeion, established
197 BC Battle of Cynoscephaleae. Rome defeats Philip V
179 BC Perseus King of Macedonia, harbors fleet in Θ
168 BC Battle of Pydna. Rome defeats Perseus
168 BC Θ capital of the 2nd Roman district
149-148 BC Andriscus’ rebellion. Rome occupies Greece

Roman Thessalonica
148(6?) BC Θ becomes capital of ‘Provincia Macedonia’
147-120 BC Egnatian Way Construction
~140 BC Θ first Synagogue (before 100)
100 BC Governor Titus Didius further pacifies Northern Macedonia
89-86 BC Macedonian cities “sit out” the Mithradic rebellions
72 BC Governor Marcus Lucullus pacifies Thrace to the Black Sea
58-57 BC Cicero exiled from Rome, lives a year in Θ
57-55 BC Thracians invade Macedonia; Θ Citadel refortified
48 BC Θ base for Pompey against Julius Caesar, during Civil War
42 BC Battle of Philippi. Θ becomes a “free city” with privileges
40 BC Illyrians invade Macedonia
31/30 BC Battle of Actium. Octavian (Augustus) Caesar rules Rome
30 BC 3 Legions stationed near Θ: (V Macedonia, IV Scythica, & X Fretensis)
30-28 BC Governor Crassus defeats Thracians & Dacians
13-11 BC Governor Piso sponsors the famous poet, Antipater of Θ
12 BC Romans push to the Danube; Θ gains 200 more years of peace
6-14 AD Legions of Macedonia reassigned to Moesia & Syria
50-51 AD Paul & Silas establish a Christian Ecclesia in Θ


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